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Family problems
« on: April 02, 2008, 08:38:59 PM »
  Dear mary anne,
   I am 13 years old and having trouble at home! my younger sister is turning into a brat and keeps hitting me and i get into trouble. My dad does not yell at her. He automatically looks at me and freaks. My dad doe not care what i want or need he tells me to my face all the time. He told me to move out or runaway. I do not know what to do? can u help me figure out what to do? I don't know if i should leave and then my 17 year old sister is telling me i belong in the hospital because i do not talk to anyone when i am mad i lose up and hold it in. I seriously and ompletly confused i have no one here for me and if u could help me that would be great! anyway i have to go bye bye.
   If u help me thank you so much!!!