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News for the week of August 1st 2018

Welcome to Newsfeed where you will find changes and upcoming changes on LFA.

Each week I will post any news about LFA.

Also will be posting interesting topics for you to read.

LFA is a free site for getting the Advice you need from a Professional. I will be having “Fundraising times” and also use “Advertisers” to support the work I do worldwide and to support myself. As I will be doing this full time to help as many people as I can. Help keep LFA up and running to help everyone who is seeking advice.

I will be posting news you can use to help yourself. News that will let you know when my book is coming out and CD’s. So there will be some evolving changes on LFA. I will update Newsfeed to give you the best avenues to receive the challenges and answers you are looking for to meet the challenges we all face in ourselves and our lives.

For this week we have put up a new forum “Advice Café”. It is great please take a minute to look at and join our new forum. This is one of the avenues you can use to get advice quickly and read about other people’s challenges and answers they received.

You can also email me on the Dear MaryAnne Page and I will respond as soon as possible. If you have not heard back from me in 4 days please use another email address so you can be sure I received your email. I will email you if it is going to be longer than 4 days. If you don’t hear from me then something is wrong with your email address.

Know I will answer all emails that are written on the Dear MaryAnne page and the Advice Café forum.

There will be more changes coming for you to bring you up to date with other avenues for you to get the advice you need and as soon as possible.

Join the community and I will be excited to announce when my book is published and how you can purchase it or the CDs. My book and CDs will be in all the bookstores, online and on my website, Lookingforadvice. Learn all the Life Skills you need to meet any and all challenges you face in your life. You can read about my Therapy on the “Life-Works” content. I have been using this therapy I created for 18 years and it has never failed. Bottom line you have to want to get help and learn. Lookingforadvice has it all for you to equip you with the skills to meet your challenges and be the self you want to be and have the life you want to live.


This is the one Professional ADVICE website for Behavioral Challenges


Whatever your problems, challenges, questions, everything to do with your self-growth, your sexuality, relationships, life issues from ages 13 to the end of life, you can get free Professional Advice, teaching and referrals around the world.

We are making 21st-century changes, new avenues to get advice through our forum called LFA Café, emails on the Dear MaryAnne page, and advice in Real Time which will be available by November so you can come online twice a day so it can air around the world. Ask your question before the webinars start each day and I will answer them in real time. It will also be set up so that others can view the questions and answers and learn from other people’s challenges, problems, questions and my Advice. This is going to be so cool - then you will be able to decide how to meet your challenges within yourself and in your life.

Read what is coming and what is already available


LFA CAFÉ Forum And Dear MaryAnne Email Page

Learn From My Written Articles On FINDING OURSELVES

Learn About Basic LIFE SKILLS

Read About My Therapy Called LIFE-WORKS



As the time gets closer to starting our REAL TIME Daily Webinars we will keep you informed. There will be a page that explains LFA LIVE and how to ask for Advice on any subject that has to do with Behavioral Development.


Learn some of the Basic Life Skills you need to meet the challenges within yourself and your life.


Read excerpts from my Book, and from my own Therapy called LIFE-WORKS.

So please come in and look around as we update, keeping you informed on the front page through Newsfeed where you can read all the new avenues to get the help you need from a Professional in all areas of life: Biopsychosocial-spiritual.

Don’t suffer or be in the dark about any behavioral issue you are facing, be it PTSD, Bullying, identity crisis, your questions on spirituality, yourself, your relationships, your sexuality. All your thoughts, fears, feelings, you name it, Looking For Advice can help using my self-learning Therapy “Life-Works”.

Knowledge is Power


For anyone who comes to this site for Help: If you are in a life crisis and feel like harming yourself or someone else or you are having a medical emergency please dial 911 or tell your Significant Other or go to your closest Emergency Room for help.

This site and what it offers in no way is to replace any kind of medications you are taking or any Psychological, Psychiatric or Medical intervention you may be receiving. If you are having a problem with a medication or with your treatment call and discuss these issues with your Health Care Provider. In no way stop a medication or treatment without discussing it with your Health Care Provider.

Your wellbeing is of utmost importance to me. This is an advice site, not a Mental or Physical intervention site.

Thank you,


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