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"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm."
- Colette
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"Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich."
- Sarah Bernhardt
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"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."
- Marie Curie

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Mary-Anne Schmittle
- BA, BS, RN, MSSW, D.D.
Behavioral Expert

About Mary-Anne

This page is here to give you my professional qualifications and the history of my career. I have 30 years of experience and expertise in a wide range of Behavioral Health, Psychology, Psychiatry, Health Management and medically related areas, Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Medical/Surgical, Rehab Nursing, Hospice and Addiction. I also have years of Management experience being Supervisor of an 88 bed hospital that was the flagship of HCA in Nashville Tennessee where retired Senator Bill Frist and his father started HCA.

To have such diversified experience in Behavioral Health I received my BA in Psychology and my BS in Science and then my Nursing degree.

After that I went back to school and got my Master's in Social Work which then gave me a well rounded exposure to social issues, how the 'system' works, therapy in and out-patient for individuals, families and addiction groups. I worked in runaway shelters, taught groups of young people in group homes and adults who had abused children who were sent to me by the court system. I also started a pilot program where I ran groups of troubled teens that teachers singled out as problems. This was a big success.

I worked with teens, young adults and adults in the judicial system, group homes, abuse situations, rape and sexual abuse. I also worked with the Hospice and ran bereavement groups for adults and youths. I taught volunteers for the Sexual Abuse Center hotlines. I worked with all facets of the system to help people get government aid, worked with the disabled in rehab centers and got experience in networking and helping people on all levels of need to find the services and help they needed and could afford. I learned all about insurances, laws and how our medical system works and doesn't work.

I was chosen to head up the Pilot Program for Crisis Intervention for the first for profit Hospital Corporation. This was big business. I did every facet of setting up a corporation's department and headed up the whole program, which is still in effect today.

Because of my expertise in Crisis Assessment and Intervention, I was asked to work for a very well known Hospital and Research Center. I used both my Nursing and Social Work skills and experience to assess patients in crisis in ERs, in hospital settings, in schools, working with teachers, running groups for young people who were considered problems and in the home.

The rest is history, I have two main focuses helping Teens and Young Adults in every facet of our system. I help families with Teen and Young Adult issues. I also work with adults in every facet being a source of information for referrals and networking for families and kids through the complex maze of our Medical System and Health Care System on the State and Federal level. I counsel online and in person.

I started the first "on line" counseling service that evolved into developing a new Therapeutic Technique that works on line, in person, phone, and groups. It has been a great success. I have a great reputation on the Internet. My site is advertised by people who just know they can count on me and my reputation without hesitation.

Second is to be a Health Care Advocate where I help facilitate change in our Health Care System and teach Medical Personnel as well as enlighten and empower the public to take control of their health care needs. I also want to be a change agent for reworking our whole Medical System. Most importantly the Mental Health Care System.

I also learn the Health Care System of all those who write me from outside the US. I study their culture and religious beliefs so that I can advise and understand their mindset and help them according to their beliefs, social norms and social system. This has been very enlightening and educating.

I practice under my Nursing License and my Ministerial License where I counsel, advise, teach and facilitate independently online and in person. I do not diagnose or treat mental illnesses nor physical problems. I refer all those who show signs of mental or emotional problems and physical problems to their local County Health Center or I find private arrangements for those who request that.

I then focused my skills on what I had a passion for - Behavioral and Mental Health. I have worked in every area of Psychiatry, Psychology and Counseling in and out-patient to gain experience and a well rounded expertise in my chosen field.

My skills became more refined. I focused on Crisis Assessments and Intervention. This became my expertise. I am able to walk into a situation and assess it within minutes and be able to differentiate whether it is mental or physical or both, whether drugs are involved, any patterns of behavior and the level of illness that I am dealing with.

I have developed a new therapeutic Self-Health Technique called "The Life Process" which I am publishing and have used successfully with adolescents and adults. The Life Process works thoroughly and in a shorter period of time with adolescents and young adults. They seem to really take to it because it teaches them the life skills they cannot find anywhere else because no one has hit on what I discovered, tested and proved scientifically that has stood the test of time and outcome. I have guarded 'The Life Process' with my life. The Life Process is only fully explained in my book, which holds The Life Process apart from all other Life Skill Courses and Techniques. Through my research and studies, I teach kids either online through emails or an in-person 6 week course how to become empowered over their behavior and their lives where they use to feel helpless and controlled before. It works immediately which feeds the ego and impatience of youth wanting results now and lasts because it keeps working. I can guarantee it. If you use it, it works.

I have done one scientific study on my therapy with a follow up 6 months later. It had unbelievable results with adolescents, and after 6 months and some up to a year have still been successful. They are still using the methods they were taught and getting positive results with their new behavior patterns. Now I can say I have young adults who are still using Life-Works and it still is working after 8 years.

I am licensed in the State of Arizona and in the State of Missouri where I came from.

I am also a Small Business owner and my website is a non-profit organization. I depend on donations and advertisers to keep my business running though I have none to date. I am trying to find other ways to support my sites and get seminars going to teach my The Life Process Technique.


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