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"May your every wish be granted."
- (Ancient Chinese curse)
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"Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving."
- Erma Bombeck
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"If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."
- Anon

All you'll ever need...


Are you happy with who you are and what your life has turned into for you?

Have you found the answers for your life and are you able to make your life work the way you want it to?

If you haven't been able to find your way to all you wanted to be as a person or to bring all that you want to yourself, then Life-Works is for you.
I was not able to say yes to the above questions, nor to many other questions about me and where my life was going.

I looked everywhere, read books, studied tapes, got degrees, went to groups and never could find what I needed to make my life work the way I wanted it to. I also was not able to develop myself into the person whom I pictured in my mind.

So, I decided to develop my own process of finding myself and making my life work the way I wanted it.

Life-Works is an accumulation of years of my studying and researching as many possible religions, spirituality, psychological theories, types of therapies, philosophies and psychiatric and new age belief systems. I took from all of them what I found ran true through all of them. It amazed me that there were definite "laws" that each and every one of these different schools of thought had in common and that they were exactly the same. Once I found this formula I went through each and every one and picked out the "laws" and "beliefs" that they all had in common. If even one law or belief was missing from any of the belief system, it was dismissed from being an absolute truth. These absolute laws and beliefs ran through centuries of every school of thought I could find.
It was so exciting to know that such a thing existed. A fundamental "law" that was in every one of these different belief systems. I wrote these "laws" and "beliefs" down and then I tested each of them. I tested them against different problems I had in my life and in myself. I found that when it was a "law" or "belief" that ran true for all of the above schools of thought no matter what I was dealing with personally, a relationship, life or spiritually, that the formula for the answer came up the same and worked 100% of the time. No matter what I presented to the "laws" and "beliefs" I always got the same answer from each of these schools of thought.

After years of doing this testing on myself. I decided to develop a methodology designed to be a formulated plan where a person could learn these "laws" and "beliefs" and use them in every area of their own lives.
What I found was unbelievable. I actually formulated a process that could be used by anyone, for any reason, any problem, any want, any life situation. They could plug it in to the part of Life-Works that was designed to handle their problem. From there they could get the answers they needed for anything. I couldn't believe this. But it was true. After doing this part of my research and development I started writing this whole process down and realized as I was writing it that everything came back to what all these schools of thought, stated and had in common which was that my process was a multiform of techniques that brought a person back to themselves. Now the school of thought was not new; we have all heard it. That all the answers to us and our lives are in us. I just have never found any of the "known" and published ways of finding these answers in a way that I could personalize and make work for me in a simple yet totally guaranteed method. So I realized what I had developed still needed to be shared and that there was a place for people like me millions of people who are just living and working regular lives but have problems and are not satisfied with who they are and what they are in life. I continued to work on Life-Works for me and now for those who are still searching for an easy and affective way to work through self and life issues.

You can learn as much of Life-Works as you want, go as far as you want in self growth and making your life what you want or you can just take an immediate problem that you are having and use Life-Works to work through that one issue. We all have different needs and wants and this process is the only one I have ever found that actually does meet every kind of need and want that you could have. It is as flexible as there are problems and people who want to find answers. This process works every time giving you a way to learn, deal with and solve whatever you are wanting without fail.

I then started using Life-Works on people who came to me in my profession which is crisis assessments and interventions, advice and guidance for people who write me on line. I used it with problems from 13 year olds all the way through geriatrics and it worked without fail.

I am marketing and selling this wonderful and guaranteed method of working through your problems or just to learn and grow as a person. Being and believing in the scientific method of research I used this for a test study of my findings. After using my method for 6 months I wrote to a random selection of those people who had written to me with a particular problem or wanted to learn a part of the process. I sent a questionnaire follow up about the problem they had written me about and had no contact with me for at least 3 months.

The results were amazing. I don't think any motivational, therapeutic process or any of these self help methods that are on the market today can say they can show as high of a percentage of positive results, meaning that this process worked for solving and is still working for ongoing issues. Many say they use what they have learned to this day on other problems they have. The percentage was 99% satisfied with positive results and would recommend it to others. The 0.5% people who did not have positive results either did not use what they learned from the process or did not tell me what was really going on with their problems to where I could give them good sound advice. So I consider Life-Works 100% because of that. Not one person answered that they used The Process and it did not work.

Another great positive about Life-Works is that it is not in conflict with any religion or belief system so there is no confusion or questioning about which to believe in or for you to find any discrepancies with your belief system and Life-Works.

It is safe for everyone from the youth, to the medically ill, to the disabled and all those in between to the end of a person's life. It is life as natural as any part that you are already living. It just hasn't been put so simply and in such a total encompassing way for each and everyone to use as they need or want to without making a big issue of stopping and having to change who you are or your life. You just incorporate it into who you are and your life. Or just use it when you have a problem you want to find solutions for. Of course you have to use the process and when you do it will work through and change whatever you need it to while you go on with your life.

Why does this Process work all the time on everything? Because it is made up of "life's laws" and "natural laws" that exist and are in play in our lives whether we follow them or not. That is one of the reasons we meet resistance in our lives or things don't happen the way we want them to. We know some of these laws but we don't know them all nor can we ever know them all. But if you can learn and follow how to use these main laws that I have put together to make up Life-Works for whatever you are trying to do it will work by following the law that applies to your situation. I like this because it is very clear and concise. I want to know what my options are and how to make things work for me. Because all of the answers to "you and "your life" are inside of you as we all know, that is another guarantee that you are following the right way for you. What a wonderful reassurance to know you are doing what is right for you and your life. How can you go wrong? I never did like learning these other theories, methods, motivational tapes that tell me what I should do and then when I did them they did not work out the way the author said they would and the answer they gave is that I didn't want to find the answer enough or I didn't do what they said to. I started questioning how do these people know what is best for me? Why should I take their word for what I need to do or change or believe to make my life work the way I need it to?
With Life-Works you don't have to take anyone's word but your own for what is right for you and your life. How much better can it get than to know you are following natural laws that are already in place and set in motion. Laws that have been true for thousands of years bringing to you answers that already live inside of you. We just have not learned how to tap into this natural resource that has always been available to us. People have written hundreds of ways to learn and practice how to tap into our internal natural resources, but no straight forward process that says, this is the law, this is how to make it work for you and this is what you do. Life-Works is named for what it is. Life is a process where we learn and grow all along the way and it is a process whether you want it to be or not. You can choose to learn and get what you want and need or you can choose to resist and meet resistance. It is up to you how much of Life-Works you decide to learn or use. You can learn the whole process which I explain. The why, where, how and from each and every part of the process came from in a very straight forward and understanding step by step process that we all can relate to and see how everything plays out in our own lives. Once you read or listen to it everything falls into place because it all fits so perfectly and makes such perfect sense to all of our lives.

You can listen to the CD's and learn the twelve steps called Life-Rules to solve one problem that you are working on. Life-Rules is flexible enough to fit any way you want to use it.
I am also writing a small book of Life-Rules so that it will be available for those who want to read it. It really does fit in today's society where all of our lives are so full we don't have time to stop and relearn how to handle problems or how to make our lives change. Life can be too time consuming and complicated. So I did the work and research for you, now you can benefit from what I learned and find the answers to all of your life's questions, problems and solutions for you and your life.

This method of finding what you are looking for is for today's people of every age who are living their life be it as a factory worker or the head of a corporation.

Life-Works is not for someone who has psychiatric problems. Only a well trained Psychiatrist and therapist should be used for anyone who has psychiatric problems. This methodology is not to replace therapy or medications in any way.

It is for people who are not in need of therapy on an ongoing basis but who do feel overwhelmed and need some kind of help to get control over their life, change themselves or work through a specific ongoing problem. For people who are unable to seek or take the time out to learn a complicated or totally foreign way of thinking and behaving. This process is also for adults and teens who are not able to afford personal or motivational programs. Yet you want to find out how to make your life work the way you want it to, how to deal with everyday issues, relationships, family problems and self issues. Again you make Life-Works whatever you need it to be and it will work.

Sign up today and order your set of CD's or the Life-Rules book without risk.

Thank you for reading this and signing up for your personal copy of the last self help method you will ever need to buy.

Knowledge is Power, be all that you want to be,


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