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"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face...You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm."
- Colette
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"If I had to live my life all over again, I'd dare to make more mistakes next time."
- Nadine Stair

Newsfeed Archive

- Friday, August 3rd, 2018

News for the week of August 1st 2018

Welcome to Newsfeed where you will find changes and upcoming changes on LFA.

Each week I will post any news about LFA.

Also will be posting interesting topics for you to read.

LFA is a free site for getting the Advice you need from a Professional. I will be having “Fundraising times” and also use “Advertisers” to support the work I do worldwide and to support myself. As I will be doing this full time to help as many people as I can. Help keep LFA up and running to help everyone who is seeking advice.

I will be posting news you can use to help yourself. News that will let you know when my book is coming out and CD’s. So there will be some evolving changes on LFA. I will update Newsfeed to give you the best avenues to receive the challenges and answers you are looking for to meet the challenges we all face in ourselves and our lives.

For this week we have put up a new forum “Advice Café”. It is great please take a minute to look at and join our new forum. This is one of the avenues you can use to get advice quickly and read about other people’s challenges and answers they received.

You can also email me on the Dear MaryAnne Page and I will respond as soon as possible. If you have not heard back from me in 4 days please use another email address so you can be sure I received your email. I will email you if it is going to be longer than 4 days. If you don’t hear from me then something is wrong with your email address.

Know I will answer all emails that are written on the Dear MaryAnne page and the Advice Café forum.

There will be more changes coming for you to bring you up to date with other avenues for you to get the advice you need and as soon as possible.

Join the community and I will be excited to announce when my book is published and how you can purchase it or the CDs. My book and CDs will be in all the bookstores, online and on my website, Lookingforadvice. Learn all the Life Skills you need to meet any and all challenges you face in your life. You can read about my Therapy on the “Life-Works” content. I have been using this therapy I created for 18 years and it has never failed. Bottom line you have to want to get help and learn. Lookingforadvice has it all for you to equip you with the skills to meet your challenges and be the self you want to be and have the life you want to live.

- Saturday, December 17th, 2011

LFA Gets Cosmetic Surgery!

As you can see, LFA got a makeover!
Although the look and feel is very similar, we have totally revamped the site under the hood, tidied everything up and added some more modern features.
The forum has also been upgraded and reopened!
We hope you enjoy the changes.
- Webmaster, LFA
- Thursday, October 20th, 2005

What's Happening

Welcome to Site News!

It is October now the beginning of all the holidays Cultural and Spiritual. It is football season and everyone is back at school. The World series begins. Though it is the holiday season and most of you can feel Fall in the air. I do not get that pleasure. I would be booted out of the State if anyone from Arizona read this but most people love it. It is always sunny every day and hot. The changes in season are we go from triple digits to double digits at night ah ha. I miss the four seasons. So why don't I move first it costs more than I am making right now second I may move.
OK, what's happening. I was ill but got my warrior attitude and I have designed a health program for for me. If it works hey great and maybe it could end up helping other people who are ill and in pain. I always think big! It is a terribly ecky diet and the discipline goes way beyond my limits. But it is for me and for you. I am determined to get better so I can make LFA bigger and better so I can help more and more teens. My therapy works. It has helped hundreds of you world wide. I get letters from places I have never even heard of. I study everyone's culture so I can advise you according to your belief system and your upbringing. Now how many counselors do that?
Because I was knocked down for almost a month. But I was not going to stay down. I got up and I am fighting with all that I am to win the game. I have much to catch up on so please be patient with me. We are going places with this site and my Therapy for teens "Life Skills."
We will be setting up and launching our show LFA LIVE. I am writing my first teen book on how to handle your problems through a true story of a teen who used "Life Skills" and how she changed her life. I am going to write a series of books for you focusing on the problems you are having and how to solve them. All of the situations will be true stories and will give you all the skills and answers you need to solve that kind of problem if you have it. So you just buy the books that you have problems in that area too. I will label them so you will know. Like say you are shy I will write a book they will be small books so you don't have to worry (smile). Say you are shy, it will be about those of you who have written me and we have found solutions for dealing with your shyness and how you made it. That way those of you who are shy will have your own personal guide book to overcoming shyness. Sound good?? Give me feedback because these little books are for you so you can get on with your life and find out how to like yourself, be self confident and be a winner. You can't lose.
Oh yeah, last but far from least, anyone who wrote in September I apologize deeply that I was too ill to answer your letter. I hope you got help somewhere but if you didn't re-write me an updated email of what is going on and your situation and I can answer now. Also I need to remind you that if I don't answer you within 3 days either come and read site news or realize that your email address does not work. I am still getting emails and I write these long answers and go to send them and they come back. I try 3 times but they still come back. I keep them in a file but write me again and check your address and make sure it is working right and that you did type it correctly. I can't do anything and there is no way to find you so it is your responsibility to follow up or not.
If I can't answer you because of so many letters I will still write and tell you I got your email and when you can expect a response so if you don't hear anything check it out.
So now that I am back logged I am starting with October only. If you still have a problem from September write me an updated email and I will now be able to answer your emails and forum letters. But know that anything before October on the forum and emails are too outdated too much has changed in your situation or you didn't think I was going to answer you so they will be put in an archive but I will not be answering those. If you still are having a question or problem re-write me with updates of your problem and I will be able to help you now that I am recovering.
OK that's it for now. Have a great weekend, be careful, think don't act on emotions and check out Mary-Anne's Monologue which will be written this weekend. Oh also a new front page, only the writing, will be going up next week. Check both out.
Let's make LFA the biggest and best answer site on the Net.
God Bless,
- Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Surgery has slowed my answering your letters

Hi Everyone:

I wish I could write you all individually but it would take too long and I would rather spend the time answering your letters.

I have been very ill. Most of you know me and know I live with critical illness and now I have become Deaf from some illness I had last year.

I want you to know now that I have made it through the surgery I had surgery last Friday and that is why I have not been answering your emails nor have I been able to write and tell you that I am ill and am having surgery.
I have to wait two weeks now for the results. Please say a prayer for me that all the biopsies turn up negative. If they do I can then start on a rehab program and work my way back to being able to answer all your letters, get LFA LIVE Web Casting started and my book done. Hopefully also to have my CD's done and published.
I need all of your support and help by remembering I am ill not stupid nor have I left you. As I recuperate I will be using that time to answer all of your letters and finish my book and CD's to get them out there for you.
I need your faith and for you to stick with me. I will always be deaf but at least technology has made it where I can talk to you on the phone if you need me and of course I can type and answer your emails. The web casting will be scary doing it deaf but my webmaster James has bought all the equipment so that I can hear you and be able to do the webcasting without people who don't know I am deaf being able to tell that I am deaf. Thank God for James. We are all ready to go but I first want to answer all your emails. I also have some more doctors and tests but they won't interfere with my answering you emails nor slow me down.
I am going to make it as long as you want me to and need me.
I need you to spread the word about LFA LIVE starting. I will tell you when to start telling everyone you know when to listen and where to go on site to know how to listen in or call in or email your questions. I hope it will be a success. I will do my best and hope you want to stay on the Internet and will help me by telling everyone you know the URL and what I can do for them if they have a problem.
So basically you will be what keeps me on the Internet and that will tell me whether you want me to stay up or not. Please let your feelings be known by your support, writing me, staying with me, spreading the word about my site, getting churches, parents, grown ups from anywhere to send in contributions through PayPal or through the mail to the Marajak address at the bottom of each page of the web site.
Then I will let you know when the CD's come out and you kids get first dibs at them and then I will be trying to sell to a publisher.
I believe my therapy is the best out there you have proven it to me and to yourselves by the changes in your life and your attitudes about yourself. It has changed my life so let's not stop now. Everyone who helps will be recognized either anonymously or by first name if you want to be. I want you to get credit for all you will be doing for me so let's get going. I am no quitter. If I can fight all that I have and am going through with my health and now having to learn how to live as a deaf person you can make it too. That is why we have been together so long. There is a kinship we have all are going through the school of hard knocks in one way or another. I need you now more than ever. Let's make LFA LIVE, the book "The Life Process" and the series of books on "Life Skills" sell and sell big so we can make my therapy so well known and everyone wanting to learn it so they can get the kind of life they want without having to take a bunch of drugs or go into therapy for years. Of course there are several of you who need that kind of therapy and if you do please go and get it. You know I back up my own profession if it is needed but some if you don't need it the CD's of Life Skills is the thing for you and they last for life, answer your problems for life. You can't beat it and it answers your problems in 21st century terms instead of the old way that was acceptable and worked for the 20th century but is now out dated and does not address what is happening now.
I hope you understand why I am late in answering your letters. I will answer each one as soon as I can and give you what you now. No more waiting. You know you get the best answers from LFA. I am exited to know there is no limits for us except the one's you put on me. Keep writing, tell your friends, parents, teachers, counselors all adults who need help to be better at their working with teens in a positive way instead of beating you down. You are the teachers this time. I will give you the tools and you do teaching and it will work.
See you or talk to you after school.
For those of you who would like to try in person one on one sessions I live in the surrounding Phoenix Arizona, Sun Cities, Scottsdale areas.
My phone number is on my web site for doing phone counseling with parent permission and in person counseling again with parent permission.
I hope you forgive me for being so long in answering each of your emails. I care very much about all of you and I will always give you my best. I will be here as long as you help me stay with support, spreading the word getting people to contribute so I can have the funding to support the site.
I will keep you informed and remember I will tell you when to start talking up about LFA LIVE web casting, advertising it everywhere. Put it in grocery stores, ask places if you can put an announcement up, say announcement so they won't think you want free advertising :)surf the net and tell all your chat rooms. Tell it to the world. Let's make this a success so you can learn. I don't ever want you to feel you are getting anything but the best help there is even if it is free. Free in this case means "caring" and making sure no teen is left out for financial reasons. That is why I am giving you a way to help me because if anyone ever needed help it is me "NOW." If you know anyone who wants to help teens tell them about LFA and how to contribute so so go read our site and what we offer. Also tell everyone how great this new therapy is and it is. I have the statistics and testimonials to prove it.
I will keep you up to date and I will answer your letters as soon as possible.
Hang in there with me!
God Bless Us All,
- Monday, August 8th, 2005


It is the beginning of August. You all are on Summer break doing so many different things that you write me about and lots of problems I hope I am helping you with.
I am working hard putting together our new Web Casting Show "LFA LIVE." This will be just like a radio show. It will be for teens and adults who have questions about teens. Just like on a radio call in show, you can call in or email me your question or problem. I will answer it right then and there on the show. You will also get a lot out of listening to the show live. Many people have the same types of problems or questions and someone else may call in your problem and you can sit and listen to the answer. Then you can call in or email in another question or problem if you have one. This way I can answer so many more of your questions and problems than I can now. Since there is only one of me it has become difficult to answer but a few emails each night. I spend a lot of time writing each and every one of you so that you can get all the knowledge, information and things to think about according to what your situation calls for. I want to give you as much information in one email as you would get in a month of in person counseling somewhere else. A lot of you the Internet is the only place you have to reach out for help and I am going to make sure you get all the help, the most professional, caring and knowledgeable information possible. Why? Because I care and it is what I would have liked to have had when I was in trouble or had problems. I had no one to turn to which made growing up so very hard for me to do. I had to go back and do a lot of it over and over because I made some big mistakes since I had no one to guide me. My parents loved me the best way they knew how just as yours do but sometimes that isn't enough and you are left hanging out there alone and feeling very lonely in your battle for answers to your life. This site will stay up as long as I can stay up. That is why I ask for contributions since I do not charge teens. Believe me the advice and what I teach you goes so far beyond what any counselor would give you much less for free. In fact I give you all the "Life Skills" you will ever need to solve whatever obstacle comes your way. You can learn how to overcome so many hang ups, fears, questions. You can learn how to make your life decisions but you have to want to that is the catch. Even if you don't want to you will continue to hurt and be lost so now is the time to learn the skills you need and will need throughout your life. Keep them in your back pocket until you are ready because it never hurts to have what you need when you need it. I am writing a book and a Skills Workbook for you to have and keep. You can refer to it whenever you need help working through any and all of your life issues. I will let you know if I can get it published then you will hear my screams of joy if I do get published. First I want to be able to answer more questions so I decided that "Web Casting" would be the next step while I am writing the book for you. It will be merged with another much larger company who found us and want to help us because they believe in what I am doing. So I will have all the electronic equipment I need and with you, me and them all getting the word out I won't have to pay for advertising. I still need contributions as the show will be free. If you go to the LFA LIVE page all instructions are spelled out for you. It is very easy to just tune in. You can email me your question or you can get a phone card very cheap to call in your question. You will be on the phone one to two minutes and that is all. You then hang up and sit back and listen as I answer your question on the air going through the Internet. It is going to be fun but very serious as I am going to have to give you so much advice in a short period of time. If you need more help you can always email me as usual later like the next day or two. Give me time to answer all the emails from the show that I didn't get to. The show will be on Sunday's in the US at 6pm Mountain Time which is 8pm Central Time and 9pm Eastern Time. We have put a map up so other countries can figure out when the show is where they live. I get lots of world wide teens writing with their problems. Hey we are all one in this world. I have learned that.
I need you to spread the word all over where you live and get your friends to spread the word. I will let you know which Sunday we will be starting and then bam I sure hope we take off and are a big success. I need to get advertisers and sponsors out of this. So I am going to be sending out invitations to TV talk shows, radio DJ's, you could do the same with your local stations that you listen to. My goal is to get an hour radio spot anywhere USA so I can teach Life Skills to as many teens as possible. So your teen years can end up being really good years instead of confusing and out of control years. Let me teach you the skills you need to show up even adults because they never had the opportunity to learn Life Skills and everything had to be kept a secret or there was punishment instead of learning. This is a new age and it is the age of learning how to be your own person, hear your own voice, learn how to find self respect, self love, want a healthy and well rounded life that is greater than you. For you to find your spiritual side and live by that faith, know no fear work hard at your passion instead of just working for the weekend. So many answers are yours and have lived inside of all of us since birth we just were never told or shown how to develop ourselves. Well I am going to show you and then you take it from there. Knowledge is Power remember and my Attitudinal Therapy gives you all that you will ever need.
So, stay close, I will let you know in another week or so what our opening date for LFA LIVE will be. Then I will send around emails to all of you with reminders on how to get the word out and instructions where to go for the broadcast. It is easy just go to my web site. But there will be thousands of listeners so I need you to be there for me to support me. I need you to spread the word for people to listen and to contribute. All contributions go to running the site and getting my book written and published all this for you all of you. A promise is a promise. I made one when I was 15 that I would give the generations to come a guide and someone to be there for them because I had none. Help me keep my promise to me, you and God.
OK, I will keep working and getting this show on the road. You think of ways to help get listeners, advertisers, sponsors and contributions. Most of all you show up I need your support. I am nervous and I want this to be a success so much for all of us. Who knows what can come from this. Maybe I can be the Teen Advisor and then Larry King here I come!
God bless us all,
- Sunday, April 10th, 2005

Why you have not gotten a response to your email yet.

To All of You Who Are Waiting For A Response From LFA.

I wanted to write and tell you why those of you who are weeks and months since you wrote your email and have not received a response from me.
I have been ill which most of you who write me regularly know and when I am too ill to write I have to wait until I am able to get back on the computer. I only want to give you the best so if I can't then I have to stop and take care of my health then I can get back up and on the computer like now and start to answer your letters.
This means I have many letters to respond to. I take the in order of severity so please be patient with me.
If you felt I just forgot you and was not going to respond to you and went some where else to get help and got it that is great. The goal here is for you to get the help you need.
If though you have not gotten the help you need and are still hanging out there with your problem please write me and I will write you right back now that I am up and functioning again.
I have an illness that comes and goes as far as severity. When I am able to get to the computer I do everything I can to answer all of you with the best advice and help I can. I will never just give you advice that will not solve your problem.
So, I am writing all evening and will write everyone back but some of you are way back and I don't know if you still have the same circumstances so I will be asking for an update email. This way I can address your present situation and I will be able to give you the skills you need to solve your problem.
If you read this then go ahead and re-write me an update and I will answer you with a day so you can work on solving your problem.
I apologize for not answering you by now. I can not help my health problems. That is why I do this so I can help you and keep from focusing on my illness.
I am here for you and now that we put "Site News" up I will keep you informed about my health and if I can't write you will know it within a day and can either get help somewhere else or at least know that I will not be answering you until I write on "Site News" again. You can always check here now to find out what is going on and what you can count on.
Well let me start writing I have many letters to catch up on. Let me know if you got help and if you are doing good now that would make me feel better. Or write me and update me on your problem and I will answer your new email.
- Friday, March 18th, 2005

LFA Live! is going LFA LIVE. We did a pilot web cast on the 23rd of January and learned many things we need to do and set up so we can have everything set up for Broadcasting. Stay tuned and keep checking back all announcements about LFA LIVE will be written in this space for you to know what is going on and when we are going on.
If you have a band or are an unknown singer and want to get some free air time and advertising send your demo of (1) one song to our address below and if you are good we will give you the free air time on LFA LIVE. It is a way to get heard world wide at no cost and to find out what people think of your music.
Otherwise check back here for any news about and LFA LIVE.
Help by spreading the word about that it isn't just an advice site but it is an Advice Site with an Original Motivational Behavioral Therapy THAT WORKS!
Learn how to solve your own problems, find the answers to your own life, avoid further problems and how to make you and your life work YOUR WAY.
This Therapy "LIFE SKILLS" works for you, your parents, family, friends. Find out what you have been missing but was there all along. Get it all here.
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