Kitty sees a lion in the mirror

"May your every wish be granted."
- (Ancient Chinese curse)
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"We are, each of us, our own prisoner. We are locked up in our own story."
- Maxine Kumin
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"To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything."
- Bernadette Devlin


Brandi Cosby, Tampa, FL wrote:

"Hi there! I am doing fine. I can see light at my end of tunnel, infact I am out of the worst of it. I am sooo much happier though that I need to express how I am feeling! I am feeling like some black chain has been pulled off of me and I am walking so freely now and going out more with friends who see a different more calmer me now and happy me! I am starting to get a job lined up don't know what yet, but gees! this time last year I wouldn't even be thinking about jobs! I am looking for a boyfriend and this club I go to he goes to this boy and keeps smiling at me and I think he is shy so I will talk to him soon. I have got more new clothes, helping out more around the house, doing hobbies such as tennis saturday mornings with a group of others with a coach, still writing and reading, been to church a few times, met people, going out for walks etc!
Gosh you can see how I have got better, because it is obvious, because I can see the old me now back then. You see, if I was still in a bad way, I wouldn't be able to see the old me, only as the happy me. But now I am happy and seeing the old me as depressed just goes to show 'was that really me back then?' Oh dear I am so grateful.thankYOU for showing me a new perspective look in life at a new angle and for keeping me sane and feeling alive and not letting me die! thankyou thankyou thankyou. You have your whole life now to know that you have seved someones life..mine! and many others I am sure. I am noway suicidal anymore! You know I can not belive it!
It is just out of this know...just like that..BANG then here I am alive and living life to the full! Thankgod that bang was not in my head but a bang like a firework which has lit off a new spark of life in me hey!
Even more good news is that I Brandi Cosby can see a future a head of me!!!! I am going to get a boyfriend and move out when I am ready and settle down get a job any job and visit hawii as I like the idea of going over there for a holiday when I am a bit older with my friends, then I am going to become a samaritan to help others as I want to help others I feel for them as I know how it feels Ive been there done that got the tea-shirt!
I have come out of my coma!!!!byeeeee thankyou thankyou...I wish I could thankyou more....just know that you are soooo special 2 me."

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